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Gratuitous Ass Shot by imbok
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Seated by imbok
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Milf bareback by GirlsInABind
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artistic nude two (bare foot shot)  by KittenMadalina
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Isa silicone ropes by cordame
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Peace and Quiet by DuctTaper Peace and Quiet :iconducttaper:DuctTaper 148 8 girl tied, gagged and blindfolded in leggings by lix50 girl tied, gagged and blindfolded in leggings :iconlix50:lix50 41 0 Sub-Eve-Set05-04 by frogtie
Mature content
Sub-Eve-Set05-04 :iconfrogtie:frogtie 38 1


Eve was forced to stand in front of the men as they masturbated.  Her wealthy husband and everyone on his contact list began to receive anonymous texted photos of her humiliation from an untraceable number.
Tape Butt
For the trip across town, Eve's hands had been bound behind her back with athletic tape.  When the kidnappers got to the cabin, she was stripped fully nude and tightly bound with more tape.  To prove to her husband that they had his wife, they sent him a copy of this picture, showing the ring he'd given her for her birthday.  The context with the binding and her nudity made her situation obvious.
Eve Mouth Roped
Rope makes an excellent gag for the purposes of humiliating your captive.
Bound and Gagged for Hours
The kidnappers who had taken E were experts in rope bondage.  E reported later that after becoming exhausted trying to free herself, she just gave up and tried her best to remain comfortable while tied up and gagged.  Being blindfolded the entire time was extremely disorienting and she lost all track of time.  Her captors took many photos and left them on a flash drive for her and the police to find later.
Cleave Gagged and Blindfolded
E's kidnappers kept her tightly gagged and blindfolded most of the time.  As soon as they got her to their hideout, they started groping her roughly and making her hop around while tied up.  She knew she was in real trouble.


Ibbit Tribbit
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